After a new resident has moved in, we will prepare a detailed care plan. This will describe clearly how we will provide the support and encouragement, to enable as independent and comfortable a lifestyle as possible.

We use a holistic, person-centered approach to our care planning, considering strengths as well as areas requiring support. We aim to produce an individualised plan of care, which includes consideration of emotional and mental wellbeing as well as physical needs. This plan is then reviewed monthly and if we think it needs to be changed we will involve the resident and, if they wish, their family.

These reviews can also involve medical professionals and the social services, if appropriate. Because we understand that each resident is an individual, and their needs include more than medical attention and physical care, we encourage shopping trips, walks, visits to friends and the continuation of hobbies.

Where necessary, and subject to staff availability, these can be supported by a member of staff . We encourage all our residents to continue their passions, interests and hobbies when under our care. Although we publish a varied and comprehensive range of social activities, we are always ready to listen to new suggestions.

Examples of activities from across our homes include arts and crafts lessons, games sessions, keep fit groups, music mornings, video showings, reminiscing groups, visits to beauty spots or places of interest, pub lunches and group shopping trips.

Each resident also has an appointed ‘key worker’ who will spend a little more time with them so as to get to know them. In this way we provide holistic care, within a framework of independence and choice.


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